Polish Winter Trek - 02. – 10.Februar 2019

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Winter in Polnisch-Sibirien… Unser Guide Damien sagte, da wird es auch mal -30 Grad Celsius. Wir sind gespannt…

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Die Tour startet nur, wenn mind. 5 Fahrzeige teilnehmen! 


02.02.2019 – arrival at Kiermusy Dworek nad Lakami

03.02.2019 – off-roading Biebrza Marshes, Kiermusy Dworek nad Lakami

04.02.2019 – transfer to Jaczno at Suwalski Park

05.02.2019 – Off-roading Suwalski Park (special stages), Jaczno

06.02.2019 – Off-roading Suwalski Park (special stages), Jaczno

07.02.2019 – transfer to Mazury Garbate, Ventus Hotel and Spa

08.02.2019 – Special stages only day, Ventus Hotel and Spa

09.02.2019 – transfer to Galindia

10.02.2019 – departure after breakfast from Galindia



02.02.2018 – meeting day

Meeting point: Kiermusy Dworek nad Lakami, Kiermusy Village http://kiermusy.com.pl/pl/

We will await your arrival at evening at Kiermusy Dworek nad Lakami, near Kiermusy Village

We will serve you a dinner starting from 6 pm.

Dworek nad Lakami - In the wrapper of the Narwiański and Biebrzański national park they are suiting Kiermusy Manor above Meadows (Dworek nad Lakami, called the “Mainstay of bison and noble tradition”. Kiermusiańskie estates are historical – holiday complex which consists a few objects about unusual to such a scale, character.

We will serve you a local traditional dinner, and you are invited to spent a wonderful time at „bania” (slavic sauna) and jacuzzi.

On the 2nd day evening we propose a Traditional Feast, including hot dishes (polish and jewish cuisine), cold meats, vegetables. 


03.02.2019 – Biebrza National Park

The Biebrza Marshes (Biebrza Valley) are a wetland complex, located on the Biebrza river valley, in Suwałki, Łomża in the northeast of Poland. The area encompasses river channels, lakes, extensive marshes with wooded areas on higher ground and well-preserved peat bogs that occupy around 1,000 km2. The area shows a clear succession of habitats from riverside fen through to raised bogs, grading into wet woodland. Because of this unique succession, the area supports a wide diversity of wildlife with large numbers of birds and mammals. Over 250 species of birds have been recorded including more than 80% of the Polish avifauna. Starting in the early spring mating birds attract birdwatchers from around the world.

The marshes in the area are commonly flooded and the resulting alluvial soil supports an array of wetland vegetation.

It is one of the largest wildlife refuges in Europe. The greater part of this area is the Biebrza National Park, covered by the Ramsar Convention to protect the wetlands and bird breeding grounds.

Off-road conditions – lots of unpaved roads throughout frozen meadows and marshes. Some muddy or very snowy roads in forests. In February these areas can be covered with deep snow as well as it can offer a lot of muddy paths in case of temperatures above zero degrees.  


04.02 – 06.02.2019 – transfer to Suwalki Park, off-road with special stages

220km transfer day through local paved and gravel roads with lot of sightseeing. A calm journey through north-east Masuria through hilly Suwalki region, which was formed by moving glacier some 10,000 years ago. Lot of lakes, small hills, farmlands – it is one of a most beautiful polish regions. We will arrive at Jaczno Lodge at the evening (app 5 p.m.)


Jaczno Lodge - http://www.jaczno.pl/

Relax in one of the most beautiful parts of the Suwalski Nature Park, overlooking Jaczno lake, on a wide peninsula several kilometres away from the nearest human settlement. Here you will find a luxury private lodge, where every effort is made to ensure that your visit will be an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for a long time. The location of the guest house ensures natural isolation from the outside world. The guest rooms are located in two neighbouring buildings and most enjoy an expansive view of the lake.

The tranquillity, natural beauty and good service are appreciated by our frequent guests, many of whom return to us throughout the year.

It is one of our most beloved places in a region. It is located in a small, beautiful lake peninsula in the middle of a nature reserve. We strongly recommend this place!

We will stay at Jaczno for next three nights. On the next two days we will travel via roadbooks through wonderfull, hilly region. Conditions will be challenging, independent from the weather. We can expect serious snow in area („polish north pole”) on regular paths, and there will be additional special stages in private gorges, with some streams, rocks and uphills. So, two days of challenging fun in close proximity to our base, so we can return to safe, calm and warm lodge anytime we want. Just to relax and take a sauna with fresh drink.


On the 2nd day in Jaczno we propose a sleigh ride  in the evening. Horse-drawn sleights followed with a bonfires are one of the most quintessential winter activities. We will finish with  a unique possibility to taste local cheeses, sausages, cold meats, tinctures and liquers. Of course with an option to buy some of those specialities. 


07.02.2019 – transfer day to Ventus Hotel, Mazury Garbate

It is time to take an east direction. We will travel alongside lithuanian and russian borders, among vast forests and beautiful hilly landscape with a lot of small lakes and villages. Transfer will consist of app. 120km of paved and unpaved roads, and will take about 5 hours, so we can taje a rest at spa hotel.

We will finish transfer day at Ventus Hotel and Spa - http://www.ventushotel.pl/

Ventus Hotel and Spa offers  complex Spa and Wellness services. 


08.02.2019 – special stages and back to Ventus Hotel, Mazury Garbate

No roadbooks that day. Only pure off-roading in private gorges, crème de la crème of our trek. We will split to two teams and choose different stages depending of conditions. Expect lot of technical driving and team work. It is possible to make a night time off-roading if you want to.

We will finish transfer day again at Ventus Hotel and Spa - http://www.ventushotel.pl/ 


09.02.2019 – sighseeing tour through Masuria to Galindia Hotel

Galindia, most famous Masurian Lodge, is located near to Mikołajki, on a peninsula where the river Krutyn is falling in to the lake Bełdany – marked on the tourist maps as the place with the most beautiful view.

Galindia offers comfortable rooms made with the use of natural, clean materials (wood, leather, wicker, etc.) and original and different interior decorations in every room, suits with fire-places and terraces.

On the last day we will have a final banquette with delicious local fish and meats. http://www.galindia.com.pl/ 



2-person team, including breakfast and evening dinner with various local dishes and specialities – 1.750 EUR / team

1-person team, including breakfast and evening dinner with various local dishes and specialities – 1.150 EUR / team


Age 0-2 – no fee

Age 2-10 – 310 EUR / child

Additional adult – 655 EUR


Price includes also: guide accomodation, trails preparation and check, roadbooks, private areas (for 4 days of off-road stages), permissions to forests, insurance, and additional services:

- horse ride sleigh

- Traditional Feast at Kiermusy

- Traditional Feast at Jaczno

- Banquette at Galindia