Underbody conservation

Underbody conservation

23. December 2020 Off By Kenny

The Discovery 4 has not been built since 2016, but is already a vehicle that, due to its special features and truly exceptional characteristics, has a very large fan base worldwide that continues to grow.

Hardly any other vehicle interprets the term “versatility” better than a Discovery: space, performance, comfort and off-road qualities are combined in the Discovery in an almost perfect way in a visually almost unique “classic-cornered” off-road vehicle.

But true to the community saying: “The square one belongs in the dirt!” (german spelling) the Discovery is also very often driven there – precisely because it can do that so well.

Logically, the underbody can suffer from this. For this reason, we regularly receive inquiries from owners of their vehicles asking us to restore their Discovery and preserve it for the future.

Quote from a customer email: “I’ve been driving the Discovery for 8 years and 300,000km now and I want to drive it for another 8 years and 300,000km.”

As a specialist for off-road vehicles, we offer something like this, of course. Here we offer a small insight into how something like this can look.

The working steps are roughly summarized as follows:

  1. separation of frame and bodywork
  2. cleaning of the complete underbody
  3. removal of rust
  4. repair of damage to the frame or underbody
  5. priming of the entire frame
  6. preservation of the whole frame with special paint
  7. assembly

The cost of such underbody preservation is about 3.000€ – depending on the amount of repair work to do.

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