Discovery 3/4 – Wheel size and tire information

Discovery 3/4 – Wheel size and tire information

20. May 2020 Off By Kenny

For your Land Rover we offer a special selection of rims, tires or complete wheels for off-road use.

Only with the right contact to the ground can the Land Rover Discovery really show its capabilities. The vehicles have an exceptionally good chassis, which gives an outstanding feeling of safety in every driving situation. The Discovery in particular is an ingenious off-road vehicle. With the right tires it shows almost every other off-road vehicle or SUV only the tail lights.

Since the Discovery 4 normally requires at least 19″ rims, there is only one exception ex works: The small one with the TDV6 machine, which can also drive 17″. But all other Discovery 4 normally require at least 19″ and there the choice of off-road tires is somewhat smaller!

But DiscoveryParts also offers legal and approved rims in 18″, which can also be driven on the Land Rover Discovery 4.

Approved 18″ rims for Discovery 3 and 4 and Range Rover Sport are:

  • The Planet WP rim from Delta 4×4. A super robust, beautiful and relatively cheap alternative!
  • The Delta Beadlook Classic with rim ring in silver or black (Attention, it is not a real beadlock, it only looks like one, hence the name BeadLOOK!)
  • The Borbet CW, so to speak a classic design.

The above mentioned rims are registrable and legal in Germany. In order for these rims to fit perfectly in combination with large wheels, a small horn on the brake system has to be sanded down a bit (not a functional part) and adjustments in the wheel housing are necessary depending on the tire size.

Workshop services:

  • TÜV approval – 180€
  • Adjusting the wheel arches – 450€
  • Machining of brake calipers – 120€

The otherwise quite popular Compomotive rim is currently no longer legally registrable in Germany (status end of 2020). This would require a renewal of the certificate, which the manufacturer has not yet planned.

Note (as of summer 2020): We are currently working on an expansion of our wheel program and will soon have more special off-road rims including approval for the Defender 2 and Discovery in our program.



We are really on the road a lot. And especially on journeys like Morocco or Romania we noticed that the cars with the 19″ tires – had tire damages. Some even 2x one after the other. All cars with 18″ or 17″ had no problems…


Possible tire dimensions and rim sizes on Discovery 3 / 4

The following tire dimensions are basically possible on a Discovery 3 or Discovery 4. However, the TÜV inspectors have a certain amount of discretion and this is a little larger for one and a little narrower for the other.

17 Inch (only Discovery 3 and Discovery 4 2,7l TDV6):

  • 235/70 (-/-)
  • 235/80 (-/-)
  • 245/70 (-/-) z.B. Cooper STT Pro
  • 235/75 (-/-)
  • 255/65 (-/-)
  • 255/70 (-/-)
  • 265/65 (-/-)
  • 265/70 (*/-)

18 Inch (often special Rims needed on Discovery 4)

  • 235/65 (-/-)
  • 255/55 (-/-) z.B. Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac
  • 255/60 (-/-)
  • 255/65 (-/-)
  • 265/60 (-/-) z.B. BF Goodrich KO2, Goodyear Duratrac
  • 265/65 (*/**) Reserverad passt nur ohne Luft in die Mulde, BFG KO2, Discoverer ATR, BFG All Terrain KO
  • 265/70 (*/**) z.B. Cooper Discoverer ATR, Yokohama Geolander, General Grabber AT3, Toyo Open Country AT
  • 275/60 (*/**) (TÜV möglich, je nach Felge)
  • 275/65 (*/**) (TÜV möglich, je nach Felge) z.B. BFG KO2, Geolander, Discoverer ATR, BFG All Terrain KO, Wrangler Duratrac, Discoverer STT
  • 285/55 (*/**) (TÜV möglich, je nach Felge)
  • 285/60 (*/**) (TÜV möglich, je nach Felge)
  • 285/65 (*/**) z.B. Geolander, BF Goodrich All Terrain KO

19 Inch

  • 255/55 (-/-) z.B. Toyo Open Country AT, Avon ZX7, Vredestein Quatrac Pro, Pirelli Scorpion P Zero, Goodyear Wrangler, Duratrac, Yokohama, Geolander GO15, Pirelli All Terrain plus, Maxxis AT980, Avon AX7
  • 255/60 (-/-) Hankook Ventus A/S, Bridgestone Dueler Alenza, Michellin Latidue Tour HP, Nokian WR2 G2, Pirelli Scorpion ATR, Continental 4×4 Contact
  • 275/55 (-/-)

20 Inch

  • 255/50 (-/-) z.B. General Grabber AT3, Pirelli Scorpion Zero, Cooper Discoverer A/T 3 4S
  • 255/55 (-/-) z.B. General Grabber HTS 60
  • 275/40 (-/-) z.B. Hankook Ventus, Nokian WR G2
  • 275/45 (-/-) z.B. Cooper Zeon, General Grabber AT3, Bridgestone Dueler Alenza
  • 275/50 (-/-)
  • 275/55 (*/-) z.B. BFG KO2, Yokohama Geolander, Toyo Open Country, Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor
  • 285/45 (*/**)
  • 285/50 (*/-) z.B. Bridgestone Dueler, Michelin Latitude Tour HP, Toyo Open Country


Note: some dimensions require a speedometer adjustment(*) or work on the vehicle, e.g. small machining on a frame part, flanging (**). We can carry out a speedometer adjustment in our workshop and you will receive a signed certificate/approval for the TÜV on request.

Beside the tire dimension and the rim size you have to consider if the tire width is allowed to be driven on the rim. Otherwise it is not only illegal but also possibly dangerous.

Tire width / required rim width (min.)

  • 195 – 235 / 7,5″
  • 215 – 245 / 8″
  • 225 – 255 / 8,5″
  • 225 – 255 / 9″
  • 245 – 275 / 9,5″
  • 255 – 285 / 10″

Speed index:

Recommendation: Do not choose tires with a slower speed index than S, even with winter tires.

(All information without guarantee – ask us, if you want to know details)


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All information as always to the best of our knowledge and belief, but without guarantee!