Defender 2 – Facts

13. July 2020 Off By Kenny

Here are a few facts about Defender 2 – also in comparison to Discovery 4 and Jeep Wrangler

Land Rover – “New Defender”
Model Series: L663
Platform: D7x

Terrain data:
Front slope angle: 30.1° (standard height) or 38° (off-road height) | Comparison Discovery 4: 36° | Comparison Jeep Wrangler: 37.7°
Rear slope angle: 37.7° (standard height) or 40° (off-road height) | Comparison Discovery 4: 27° | Comparison Jeep Wrangler: 31.3°
Ramp angle: 22° (standard height) or 28° (off-road height) | Comparison Discovery 4: 29° | Comparison Jeep Wrangler: 20.3°
Watt depth: 900mm | comparison Discovery 4: 700mm | comparison Jeep Wrangler: 762mm
Ground clearance: 218mm (standard height) or 293 (off-road height) | Comparison Discovery 4: 225mm | Comparison Jeep Wrangler: 253mm
Maximum stiffness: 45° | Comparison Discovery 4: 35° | Comparison Jeep Wrangler: 38°
Maximum lateral tilt angle: 45° | Comparison Discovery 4: n.a. | Comparison Jeep Wrangler: 45


Model variants
As usual, the Land Rover Defender 2020 (New Defender) will be available in two body styles – 90 and 110. The names 90 and 110 refer to the wheelbase of the original model, which was about 90 inches for the 90 and 110. However, the wheelbase of the new Defender 110 is given as 3,022mm.

The Land Rover 110 is available as a 5-seater, 6-seater (additional third emergency seat in the front in the middle) and as a 7-seater (third row of seats in the trunk).


Four engine variants with the designation Ingenium are available for the sales launch. The engines of the Ingenium series were developed by Jaguar/Land-Rover and are produced in England since 2015. The name indicates the type of fuel (P = Petrol or D = Diesel), the three-digit number after the fuel abbreviation indicates the maximum power of the drive in HP. In 2020 the four cylinder engines were replaced by straight six engines.

More details about engines can be found here.


Dimensions and masses
Land Rover Defender 110
length: 5,02m
width: 2,11m
height: 1,97m
Empty weight: 2.323kg
Towing capacity: 3.500kg
Permissible total weight: 3,105 (P300) / 3,150 (D200 and D240) / 3,165 (P400)


Front wheel suspension: Independent suspension with double wishbones
Rear wheel suspension: independent suspension, integral rear axle


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