DAB+ Installation – Discovery 4, RRS

DAB+ Installation – Discovery 4, RRS

3. October 2020 Off By Kenny

Here I show the installation of our DAB+ module for the Discovery (all D4/RRS with MOST from audio systems Gen1 on).

Basically you can install the system directly behind the instrument panel, or in the trunk of the car at the audio amplifier. Here I show the installation in the trunk, because then the antenna can be moved more easily.

The amplifier (if available) is located in the trunk behind the right side panel. To remove the fairing a cross-head screw in the backrest area of the second row of seats has to be removed and the sealing rubber at the tailgate has to be loosened, then the side fairing can be pulled out of the clips. It is a little easier if you also remove the cover of the D-pillar.

Cover of D-pillar right side

At the tailgate you have to pull out the sealing rubber, then the side cover can be removed easier.

Sealing rubber on the tailgate

The upper cover of the cladding must first be pulled out horizontally from the clips directly under the window, then it can be lifted on the window side and then unhooked from the front connecting hooks to the side cladding.

First pull the cover away from the window towards the trunk, then unhook the upper cover.

The DAB+ module comes with this orange MOST cable. This cable is used to re-establish the connection between the MOST system, the DAB+ module and the amplifier.

MOST Cable

In addition, the DAB+ module still needs power. I used two power thieves to get the power from the power supply of the amplifier.

Current thieves, red to yellow and black to black

Afterwards plug in the antenna, lay the cable and you can (if DAB is already programmed) test it directly. I would always recommend the test before you put the whole cover back together.

first test before reassembling the fairing

For programming we used an IID Tool Pro BT from the company GAP. But it works also with the normal version without Pro without problems. You have to go to the Audio Control Module and set the value for the digital radio receiver to DAB.

Programming with an IID tool (we can also do it for you)

Upload Car Configuration File, done

Here you can see the antenna I used. This small antenna can be easily glued to the rear window and has good reception there.

DAB+ Antenna SAD 15
Above right the small antenna sticks

Now that I know it all works, I’m attaching the DAB+ module so that it won’t fly around and rattle. In my case this mount was empty. So quickly drill 3 holes (M5) and mount the module there. It is best to put some tape under it, because metal on metal rattles fast.

Drill 3 small holes in this holder is enough for mounting

And then just reassemble everything and enjoy DAB+ in your car. Of course, you start with the automatic station search.

automatic station search, takes about 20 seconds

And this is what it looks like. Perfectly integrated and fully functional. Below is a video.


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